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A hybrid hackathon for women and other gender minorities.

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About Us

Mind Empowered Charitable Trust (ME) is an NGO that creates mental and physical health awareness and provides skills for the personality development of youth and women (18-25 years).

What ME do ?
  • Conduct weekly webinars, Q&A sessions.
  • Mental and Physical health awareness sessions in colleges.

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Women Empowered (WE) is an initiative by Mind Empowered Charitable Trust aiming

  • To empower women (18-25 years).
  • To provide the girls with a safe space and an open forum where they can ask their queries related to their body anonymously from a genuine expert than use Google to get answers.
  • To improve physical wellbeing and female safety by simple techniques of self defense.
What WE do ?
  • Conduct Technical sessions in various domains like cybersecurity, web development, machine learning.
  • Organize technical events like Ideathons and Hackathons.
  • Meetups with women entrepreneurs to inspire young girls.
  • Gynaecological sessions with an expert Gynaecologist.
  • Self-defence workshops in collaboration with Vanitha Police.

powered by Women Empowered

An Inclusive Pan-India Hackathon for Women and Other Gender Minorities happenend on 24th to 25th February 2023,

  • 01 What is STARLET?

    It is an intellectually innovative environment that spurs innovation and collaboration to get the best out of technologists. It encourages participants to team up and apply those skills to create a modernised approach to current issues faced by the industries.

    • ▪ Safe space.

      ▪ Anonymously ask queries.

      ▪ Free Sessions.

      ▪ Empower yourself.

    • ▪ Mentoring

      ▪ Entrepreneurship

      ▪ Creativity

      ▪ Opportunity

      ▪ Networking

      ▪ Innovation

      ▪ Knowledge

    • ▪ Interaction with dev community.

      ▪ Interesting way of learning.

      ▪ Healthy work environment.

      ▪ Rise to innovate.

      ▪ Strong networking oppurtunities.

      ▪ Get mentoring from industry leaders.

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They implement a system called LAW LIFT that gives women access to legal counsel.

Runner Up

They put in place a platform called SHE MOVE that provides female travellers with travel options .

2nd Runner up

They set up a system to assist expectant mothers during each trimester.

3rd Runner up

"WOMEN TREE - connecting women with the world of work" is the name of the platform where they built a solution to promote the abilities or skill sets of women.

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